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    One thing that i noticed about life over the years is that it does not announce to you the date and time opportunities will show up...how many time you have seen opportunities flow before your eyes like flood but you were incapacitated because of your lack of readiness for them. To succeed in your career you must always be prepared for future opportunities.

    How can you prepare for opportunities? These are some of the ways to prepare for opportunities:

    Strenghten your savings: Make sure you put aside a part of your income on a regular basis; you never can tell when an opportunity that demands for it will show up.

    Be sensitive to opportunities: A lot of people are sleeping and waking with opportunities around them, yet un-aware of these opportunities.

    Kindness: As much as possible, show kindness to people you come in contact with, it may be one of these people that will link you up with opportunities in future.

    Set goals: When you set goals, it helps you to prepare for opportunities ahead.

    Prayers: This is very important, when you pray, God will open your eyes to see opportunities around you as well as make provisions for you to take advantage of them.

    Be busy: Make sure you have something doing, don't fold your hands and expect miracles to happen. "whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom" - Ecc 9:10.



    Oluyemi Okuribido


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  • Research to Practice - HOW TO MAXIMIZE ITS POTENTIAL?

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    Good news for education researchers: Your work is influencing district and school leaders, helping to guide their decisions.

    Countering criticism that education research is often irrelevant to practice, a newly released national survey has found that the majority of education leaders value research and use it regularly.

    It’s a moment for education scholars and research institutions to relish — and then ask, “So what’s next?” Can these findings trigger a wider push for evidence-based solutions? With increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners, can education research — like research in medicine or case studies in business — shape the way school leaders approach emerging needs or the toughest problems of their daily practice?


    The survey was produced by the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice(NCRPP), a collaboration among the University of Colorado Boulder, the Harvard Center for Education Policy Research, and the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. It gathered information from 733 education leaders in 485 school districts across 45 states. The respondents were superintendents, principals, curriculum supervisors, and directors of federal programs, in mid- to large-size urban U.S. districts.

    The survey was careful to define research as “an activity in which people employ systematic, empirical methods to answer a specific question” — not just the practice of examining data from a specific district, school, or classroom.

    Following that definition, the survey asked about the ways in which participants had used research in their work, about individual pieces of research they had used, and about the culture of research use in their department.

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  • The Birth of Education Transformation!

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    The Minister speaks so much of the New ear of the Education in Nigeria...Does this speak to our daily lives?

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  • Pump price has been reduced. Does it favour Education industry?

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